Continuous Integration: A Tale of Transformation

Jan 10 2017 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Continuous Integration- A Tale of Transformation
Abstract: Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development methodology that requires developers to check-in and compile their code several times a day. Implementation of CI process have a great potential to save money and time. However to implement this practice software development teams need to follow specific rules and processes and configure a controlled environment.

In this presentation a team from Pioneer Infotech will share their intent, journey, challenges and rewards of continuous integration practices implementation within their company.

About our Speakers:: Kidra Shadroo, Suren Nandam, Varaprasad Rama, Siva Gorintla

Kidra Shadroo, The Idealist- he’s a software veteran and in charge of the engineering teams (offshore/onshore). Kidra’s passionate about optimization.

Suren Nandam, The Commander- he’s been managing software teams for a decade for small to big companies.

Vara Ramdugula, The Professional- he’s a Sr. software developer who’s passionate about new ideas.

Siva Gorintla, The Finisher- he’s a hardcore test automation engineer with years of experience with Selenium.

They all work at Pioneer Infotech’s software engineering team and form an on/offshore team. They have worked more than five years in a software engineering team together.

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