Using Software Quality Metrics: Where Do I Begin?

Jun 21 2016 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Using Software Quality Metrics: Where Do I Begin?

Abstract: This training is a review of the key aspects to employing quality metrics and how to start using them in your software development lifecycle. It will discuss:
· How to determine the right metrics for your project development team;
· The kinds of quality metrics that are available and what may work best for your team;
· Things to consider when generating quality metrics;
· Options to presenting your metrics;
· And where to begin to start use metrics.

The presentation is designed to helps teams, who have not used metrics before, learn from field experience on what may be their best options and practices use when employing quality metrics. It also serves as a review for those who are currently using quality metrics, and can possibly identify optimizations they can apply to their current processes.

The presentation is all members of a scrum team but is primarily focused to help developers and testers.

About our Speakers:: Robert D. Poole, Service Delivery Manager – Testing Services, Experis
Bob has more than 27 years of software development experience primarily within software quality assurance and testing. In this field Bob has filled QA Director, QA Department Manager, and Operations Officer positions within national and global organizations. He also has experience as a development project manager and sustained engineering officer. Bob has successfully created, staffed and managed QA departments; he has designed and implemented large scale test projects, served as test solutions architect and has conducted company-wide process improvement initiatives. Bob has been successful in advancing the maturity rating of software development companies, in the reduction of defect escape ratios, in the testing tool deployment for automation and load/performance testing, and in implantation of Agile practices. He has experience working within the insurance, healthcare, systems management, financial, DoD, gaming and manufacturing domains. Bob has worked closely with executive leadership in the creation of strategic approaches to QA, he has collaborated with users in the creation of usage models and for contextually designed real world test scenarios, he has worked with IT specialists in the designing and building of test labs, and has been part of change control boards, requirements generation committees and field service teams. Bob joined Experis in 2012 and is a graduate of Brigham Young University, and currently resides in Boise, Idaho. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at:
Robert D. Poole