Solving the Data Gap in DevOps

Feb 16 2016 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Solving the Data Gap in DevOps

Abstract: In recent years there has been a fast-evolving ecosystem of tools & automation designed to be used in DevOps workflows. It has never been easier to spin-up the infrastructure needed for developing and testing software applications. There is, however, one area that has been left as an “exercise for the user” to solve on their own: Acquiring application data for these environments. While it’s wonderful to have automation for consistently deploying environments, what good is the test environment without meaningful data to drive the application? We make a lot of assumptions about our subsetted or synthetic data and, because of that, we often overlook the true impact of our decisions to our application, team, and business. Adam will speak about his personal experience of suffering self-inflicted wounds due to these incorrect assumptions and how he recovered by learning from his failures.

About our Speakers:: Adam Bowen

Adam Bowen lives in Ashland, Kentucky with his wife and their seven children. Adam spent the first fifteen years of his career focused in United States government agencies architecting and developing integrations for complex mission application systems. His technical background is in datacenter architecture and automation. In the last five years, he had been focused on expediting development, QA , and integration with automation and process changes for many of the F100 companies. Adam currently works for Delphix as the WW Innovation Lead helping customers think outside the box to solve complex problems.

Adam Bowen

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