QA Challenges in an Agile World

Nov 17 2015 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

QA Challenges in an Agile World

Abstract: This presentation will discuss some of the challenges faced by many QA analysts when using software development scrum methodology. A brief overview of the scrum methodology will be provided first. Then, the presenter will discuss some of the challenges typically encountered by the QA analysts in scrum methodology such as
– multi-sited scrum teams,
– modifying existing applications when there is no automated smoke or regression test available,
– how to avoid waterfall in scrum methodology,
– what happens when you skip code review and unit testing in Scrum,
– To open a bug report for a bug or just discuss it with developers,
– What happens when the user stories are not clear,
– Testing a user story without acceptance criteria,
– Types of testing other than basic functional testing to perform and when to perform them
– Scrum testing without test automation, how to go about it?
– Do we need test cases when there is already acceptance criteria in each user story?
– What happens when QA is behind during a sprint?
– How to deal with quality issues in scrum methodology?

The presenter will also listen to the specific challenges you have had while using scrum methodology and the solutions that you have come with in order to address those challenges.

About our Speakers:: Yousef Abazari

Yousef Abazari has an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and has 20+ years of software experience in Canada and US. He has had most of his career worked in QA
at different capacities such as QA Analyst, QA Lead, QA Manager and QA Project Manager. Yousef has worked for both small and large companies and is very much familiar with the QA challenges that are encountered by members of the software teams when using Agile/Scrum methodology.

Yousef Abazari

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