The Roadmap to Automation

Aug 18 2015 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

The Roadmap to Automation
Identifying areas where processes can be automated and coverage for testing. Discussing challenges of balancing the quality and the amount of time given for testing.

  • ?Why Automation?
  • ?Where do we start for automation Testing?
  • ?Why do we want to automate?
  • ?Which tests should we automate?
  • ?When should we do it?
  • ?Who should create/execute automated tests?
  • ?How should we automate these tests?
  • ?Automation High Maintenance

About our Speakers:: Jane Hsu
16 years experience in the QA industry. Specializing in managing offshore QA Teams. Jane is passionate about implementing automation processes.

Meeting presentation file(s): Jane Hsu’s Presentation Automation