How QA can be self organizing utilizing Agile and Scrum

May 19 2015 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

How QA can be self organizing utilizing Agile and Scrum

The traditional role of Software QA is different in an agile environment, such as one using Scrum. Unfortunately, QA team members often don’t receive any training, like ScrumMasters do. Because of this, and the reality of the difficulty of change, there can be confusion and resistance of what does it look like to ensure quality in software when working on a Scrum team.

The great unknown benefit of Scrum is that it relies of team self-organization and self-management. That is, QA has a voice, equal with all others, on how long the work will take and how it gets done. But the secret to enjoying this new way to work, per Gallup research, is knowing your strengths – what you’re naturally wired to do best.

We’ll review what and how Scrum makes work different for QA, and spend some time on what are “strengths” per Gallup, and how to know and leverage your strengths.

About our Speakers:: Scott Dunn
Scott has spoken on this general topic at Code Camps, Agile SoCal, Scrum Day San Diego, RallyOn Conference, AgilePalooza, and Agile2011 and Agile 2013.


  • Scott was born in Texas and grew up in Colorado. He has 4 children two of which are adopted 🙂
  • Scott has a background in development. He has been a lead/architect/manager of development teams.
  • Half of his career has been internal/external consulting.
  • He has been working with Agile for 8 years now and is involved in its training/coaching.
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