Why QA Plays a Critical Role in Managing Risk and Compliance – Why, What and How? – HIPPA, SOX, and Other Regulations

Sep 16 2014 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Why QA Plays a Critical Role in Managing Risk and Compliance – Why, What and How? – HIPPA, SOX, and Other Regulations
Risk Management and Quality Assurance are prerequisites for the execution of projects in any type of organization, but are especially important for those organizations whose projects also include legal or regulatory compliance activities such as HIPPA or Sarbanes-Oxley. Developing an effective strategy to plan and execute compliance activities is crucial to project success for these types of organizations.
Shrini Keskar will present a set of approaches and discuss a set of questions that Executives, Quality Managers, Department Leaders and Project Managers can ask in order to properly assess the level of regulatory compliance within their organizations for their IT systems, as well as their project management, operational and financial activities. Topics discussed will include:

  • How and why IT systems play a significant role in regulatory compliance
  • The risks of lack of compliance
  • How to gauge compliance
  • Program steps to ensure compliance
  • Questions to ask regarding compliance
  • Why transformation needs to become compliant
  • How compliance can turn into a strategic asset and market differentiator
  • How Quality Assurance is a key driver in achieving organizational compliance success

About our Speakers:: by Shrini Keskar
Shrini Keskar leads the Risk Management consulting practice for Commodities Management, Procurement Management and Healthcare domains at Larkspur Technology, a boutique consulting firm. He co-founded Larkspur technology in 2002 with the purpose of driving innovation for businesses to create unique differentiators and to provide an unconditional and par excellence service to its clients. His leadership helped transform the aviation fuel industry on a global scale, where lack of automation and compliance used to be the norm. Shrini and his team transformed a small jet fuel reseller into a knowledge and customer service driven organization that led to the client’s growth from $150 Million to $700 Million in revenue. This reorganization and the resulting improvements spurred the creation of new and innovative processes that were subsequently adopted by larger companies and International airlines, including Barclays, General Mills, Netjets, Japan Airlines, and Singapore Airlines, to name a few.
Shrini has always been known as a passionate professional who refuses to accept any geographical or cultural boundaries as barriers to growth. He innovated a partnership for companies to reach outside of their comfort zone and go global in the quest for business expansion and growth. As an avid world traveler and entrepreneur, he is very aware and ambitious of social entrepreneurship that would not only help transform businesses but also transform the

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