Rise of the Knowledge Worker: Emergence of the Learning Organization

Aug 19 2014 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Rise of the Knowledge Worker: Emergence of the Learning Organization
This presentation addresses 21st century organizations and their fuel, called knowledge workers. Although Peter Drucker coined the phrase in 1959, knowledge workers have been mostly a concept in the decades since, embraced by only a handful of overwhelmingly successful companies such as Apple and GE. Today, knowledge workers are being groomed and developed globally by organizations of the future. These organizations will form premier architectures that will blossom in the new millennia, referred to in literature and graduate schools as learning organizations. As a result, a solid understanding of learning organizations through the development, use and support of knowledge workers will be vital to the success of the next-generation business professional. Three key concepts discussed:

  • The definition of learning organizations, how they work and what they do.
  • The definition of knowledge workers, how they work and what they do.
  • The building and maintaining of learning organizations through the support and development of knowledge workers.
  • What you can do to be one.

The presentation includes several Harvard Business Review video clips, a 3D video (3D glasses included), and free, laminated quick reference cards.

About our Speakers:: Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders is a senior program manager, instructor, technical writer, public speaker, published author, and Native American. He champions a collaborative, servant-leader approach to management with passions in organizational change and organizational psychology.
Mike has presented at over 100 events throughout California and Nevada. Topics include organizational communication, organizational psychology, organizational change, learning organizations, management psychodynamics, advanced multitasking, emotional intelligence, LinkedIn, and business writing. Venues include business associations, annual management conferences and symposiums, and numerous corporations and government organizations. Mike has taught at universities, colleges, and companies, as well as facilitated workshops in management communications, business planning and Native American practices.
Mike has a BA in Organizational Management and an MA in Organization Management with a focus on Leadership. He also has certifications in project management, change management, business management, satellite technology, instructional design, and business writing. He has extensive training in professional coaching from the Coaching Training Institute. Mike’s latest book, Advanced Multitasking, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. His new book on Organizational Change will be available in August, 2014.

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