A Day in the Life of an Agile Tester …or… What Exactly Do QA Folks Do on an Agile Project?

Mar 16 2010 (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

You’ve been invited to tag along with Paul the Agile Tester as he works his way through another exciting day on the GigaSystem project, MegaCorp’s showcase agile pilot.

Learn what Paul’s role as an Agile Tester involves, and how he collaborates with the other members of his agile team. You might be surprised to see that he not only tests software, but also works with the Product Owner to define stories, collaborates with developers to build a sound testing strategy, enhances his skills at test automation, contributes to the self-organization of the team, and together with the entire agile team ensures their agile process delivers excellent quality. Along the way, we’ll learn how an agile process works, experience the most common challenges with agile QA and see the benefits of agile being delivered.

If you dread another dry bullet-point-slide lecture, this session is for you! Using an engaging story-telling format, you’ll learn the key principles and strategies of agile development, and experience first-hand the role of quality assurance and testing in an agile environment. If you’ve ever fantasized being an actor, this could be your big break – there might be opportunities for audience participation!

About the Speaker

Your Headliner Coach: Paul Hodgetts has been involved in lean and agile software development as a coach, mentor and consultant since 1998. As the founder and principal coach of Agile Logic, Paul has helped companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, SAP, Cisco and Pricewaterhouse- Coopers achieve success applying lean and agile methods to challenging enterprise projects involving large distributed teams, complex architectures and multi-product portfolios. Paul is a recognized expert in the agile community, a published author and a frequent and popular speaker at conferences and professional groups. For more of Paul’s publications and presentations, please visit Agile Logic’s web site at www.agilelogic.com.