When Agile Fails; Causes & Corrections

Apr 16 2013 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

When Agile Fails; Causes & Corrections
The Agile approach to software development has become an industry standard. However, some organizations and teams still face challenges when attempting to implement these principles and methodologies. Admittedly a provocative title, “When Agile Fails” will deal with of these challenges and offer insights into how they can be overcome.

Our speaker, Craig D. Wilson, began his journey to Agile learning about small, self-directed teams as part of his graduate studies in Management Science. Applying those lessons in his management roles, he effectively implemented the latest techniques as the software engineering discipline evolved from time-boxed iterative development in the early 1990’s, to rapid application development later in the decade, and then into today’s Agile methodologies. With over 20 years of experience, he has applied lessons from the past to effectively implement the software engineering processes of today. Craig will provide insight into some of the challenges that organizations, management, and teams face as they implement today’s Agile techniques.

About our Speakers:: Craig D. Wilson
Craig D. Wilson is an Information Technology management consultant assisting organizations in more effectively managing people, projects, and processes. Before establishing his consulting practice, Craig spent more than a dozen years at senior and executive level IT management positions in a broad variety of industries including banking, entertainment, health care, and relocation services. As a consultant, he has also served clients in the insurance and financial services industries.

You can learn more about Craig at www.matincor.com or www.linkedin.com/in/matincor.

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