Designing Reusable Frameworks for Test Automation

Sep 18 2012 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Designing Reusable Frameworks for Test Automation
The most practical way to automate tests is to create a well architected and designed framework. The framework serves many purposes, all of which focus on bringing more value to the testing activity. Knowledgeable software engineers understand that the majority of software projects’ success begins with proper architecture and design. Automated tests are code, and therefore will benefit from upfront architecture and design. To approach this differently goes against the grain of basic software development. The popular perception that the tests are not ‘code’, so therefore should not fall under the umbrella of how to develop proper solutions, needs to be reconsidered. Laying a foundation that improves the experience and value of the solution is always a driving factor in development. This presentation will show how to design test automation frameworks that will be reusable with many different software products and be easier for maintaining test cases. It will also define the strategy that organizations can adopt that will greatly enhance the overall success of the testing efforts.

About our Speakers:: Byron Goodman

Byron is the Director of Quality Assurance for Neudesic. He defines the standards for quality software delivery and gives guidance on tools and techniques. He has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field including 6+ years of senior management. He has been instrumental in successfully implementing Quality Assurance and Testing process and procedures, as well as creating and growing teams with companies such as First American, Auto Club of Southern California, AmeriQuest, Kelley Blue Book and Twentieth Century Fox. Byron is an active speaker for professional QA events, discussing the proper implementation of automated testing, tools and team processes. He has developed full-scale training courses to introduce the concepts of frameworks as the basis of maintainable, long term automated testing.

In addition to his Quality Assurance background, Byron is an avid technologist, having taken on several roles within the software delivery cycle. He is Microsoft certified in Team Foundation Server. He contributed to the Agile 2012 conference by acting as a stage reviewer.

Byron prefers a pragmatic approach to all things, allowing risk where appropriate. This is demonstrated during his free time by competitive driving at auto racing events.

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Designing Reusable Frameworks for Test Automation