Six Budget Killers for Testing Organizations

Nov 17 2009 (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

You have already taken basic cost-cutting steps and saved money. You are asked to dig deeper into your testing budget; but where should you start? What is killing your test budget? The good news is that you may be staring right at the problems – you need to know what you are seeing and what to do about them. This session will cover the six most common budget killers for SQA and test groups, and what to do about them. In this session, Paul Trompeter explains how to refresh your vision and see your world anew. Six budget killers for testing organizations are identified, and their descriptions are detailed for you. Now you can see them; however, what can you do about them? For each one, you will learn ways to overcome these deadly budget challenges. Discover how to stem the spending flow of your testing budget and increase the return on your testing dollar, in this harsh economic environment.

About the Speaker:

Paul Trompeter has 25 years in the computer industry, at Litton, Motorola, Tandem Computers, Network Appliance, SDT, WellPoint, Technicolor, and GDI InfoTech. Paul has almost 20 years testing, managing, and directing enterprise-wide and global SQA and test efforts in the aerospace, computer manufacturing, entertainment, telecommunications, insurance, banking, healthcare IT, banking/financial, and consulting industries. Paul holds Master’s degrees in Mathematics, Technology Management, and a doctorate in Organization Change.