Managing the Deluge of Third Party Devices and Apps in the Enterprise

Feb 21 2012 (6:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Managing the Deluge of Third Party Devices and Apps in the Enterprise
Personal mobile devices are creeping further and further into their network, in some cases as secondary devices to enterprise-owned mobile product but, in many instances, as a result of the growing trend of allowing users to purchase and own their own mobile devices and leverage them for business productivity (and enterprise cost savings). The question becomes, how do enterprise IT departments manage all these mobile devices and their associated applications, when the devices have a broad spectrum of manufacturers, operating systems, platforms and carrier networks?

Currently the Apple iOS alone has over 200,000 applications in its App Store. Google Android recently announced that it crossed the 100,000 application barrier. What it means for IT managers is a in increasingly complex management challenge, where they not only have to ensure network and data security, but also deployment and management of enterprise applications across hundreds or even thousands of mobile devices.

This session will discuss best practices in addressing the explosion of devices and applications – both personal and business – in the enterprise environment, including the integration of mobile testing and QA practices to minimize risks and management challenges associated with this mobile phenomenon, ultimately allowing IT managers to take back ownership of the mobility arena in an efficient manner.

About our Speakers:: Anil Parambath – CSS Corp
Anil Parambath is the Vice President of Application Technology Practice at CSS Corp. A career technologist for nearly 15 years, Anil has been working for CSS Corp for the past ten years. His passion is developing business solutions simplifying and leveraging next generation technologies. He is currently focused on exploring the convergence of cloud and mobile technologies, developing solutions that leverages the reach of mobility and the on-demand cloud. Prior to joining CSS, Anil was part of the Internet banking technology group in Citibank, where he was part of the team which developed the internet banking concept 15 years back. He also had a stint as an entrepreneur developing solution for Small businesses in third world countries. He holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Electronics Engineering.

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