Your Career This Year – Making the Most Of Every Opportunity!

Sep 20 2011 (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

In developing our careers, there is no higher priority than planning!

In this session entitled “Your Career This Year – Making the Most Of Every Opportunity!”, Ann Marie Griffin, Career Strategist and Life Coach will provide immediately useful tools to:

  • Get clear on what matters most
  • Take stock of our current situations
  • Make very small, very meaningful changes
  • Know an opportunity when we see one
  • Stay in charge of our career paths (Plan A and Plan B!)
  • Toot our own horns with confidence

About the Speaker

Ann Marie Griffin is a Career Strategist and Certified Life Coach. She coaches top performing professionals who want to overcome their dread of going to work or get unstuck in their job search. She helps her clients to map out clear paths forward; build smart, personal branding of their unique skills and talents; and create tailored routines to stay energized and engaged at work – all day long!

Her coaching expertise is built upon 20 years’ experience as a certified public accountant, management consultant, information technology project leader, and corporate people manager at top-notch Fortune 500 companies, where she intently focused on championing the success of organizations and individuals.

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