Test Driven Development

Jul 19 2011 (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is one of the foremost practices for agile software development. TDD has evolved over the past ten years, so this presentation will describe TDD per the current state of the art, and it will name the benefits and advantages of TDD, giving specific examples. Highlights of this presentation will include:

– A fun, live demonstration (no programming knowledge required)
– How TDD applies to all levels of testing from unit- and integration-testing to functional- and acceptance-testing
– How cross-functional teammates (product owners, business analysts, programmers of various specialties, and testers) can and should collaborate to perform TDD
– A survey of tools and frameworks that (indirectly) support TDD

Craig Jones has over 25 years experience designing enterprise software systems and leading the agile teams that produced them. Now, as an independent agile coach, he enthusiastically and successfully trains officers, managers, and developers in all aspects of software craftsmanship and agile methodologies. Mr. Jones is the author of dozens of published articles on software engineering craftsmanship and he has travelled the world as lecturer, trainer and ‘marksman troubleshooter’.

Craig Jones blogs at www.chiefsimplicityofficer.com, and he can be contacted there using craig@chiefsimplicityofficer.com or by calling (714) 955-4025.