Note from the Chairman

Hello SCQAA-OC Members,

We are an incredible group of people with great enthusiasm and passion at SCQAA-OC. We know that great advances don’t happen without backing by people who have vision to believe in the end goal. I really encourage more members to join the board, talk to one of us on what roles and positions are open. And also refer your friends and colleagues to be part of the SCQAA-OC and attend our meetings.

Our board meets once a month and we have the meetings with speaker’s presentations once a month too.

In March we had Mark Harbin give an extremely insightful presentation on RISK. It was very informative, relevant and entertaining too. He had Caution tape on the door and even the banner to indicate the theme of the day!! And the boxes he in the corner with RISK written on them.

Looking forward to Mehrnaz’s presentation on April 23rd. And I believe she is talking about “Are you QA 2.0”! That’s a topic which is going to be of great interest to lot of people in the industry. Spread the word and don’t miss her presentation.

We have some really good speakers lined up for other months too. There are months where we need some speakers, please come forward to speak and refer others too.

Looking forward to interact with you all during the meeting on 23rd

Venkatesh (Venkat) Sankaran
SCQAA-OC Chairman

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