Note from the Chairman

Dear SCQAA-OC Members,

Well the SoTeC Conference was a complete success. Remember our organization, SCQAA-OC, is a sponsor and supports the conference. I hope all of you were able to participate in this event. The speakers shared very powerful information. The Alliance Partners had lots to offer and the networking was phenomenal.

This is the time of the year that we reach out to our membership to encourage individual to become involved in the organization’s board by becoming a volunteer chair. If you think you are at all interested, please speak with any of the board members at the business meeting and get all your questions answered.

Remember that SCQAA-OC is a great place to learn the latest and network with your colleagues.

The Board would like to hear from you on the topics you would like us to bring in 2018. Let us know.

This year is almost over. December is our blackout month because of all the holidays so we will not be meeting next month. Please continue to check the SCQAA-OC website to find when our first meeting in 2018 will be.

See you at the Monday November 13th meeting.

Mark Harbin
SCQAA-OC Chairman

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